Over 70 years of listening !

Although a 10th of the traditional Youtube Celebratory Milestone, we are completely humbled that Banton Radio has surpassed the 10,000 Subscribers level on Youtube. Thank you to everyone out there who enjoys and shares the wonder that is reggae music ! Keep doing what you do.

I have always been amazed at how much my mixes have spread around the world and being humble old me and the music I love with all my heart, I am sometimes speechless at the statistics that Youtube have to offer. From how many minutes have been consumed, to where in the world they have been consumed.

Here are some of the official stats :

Lifetime (25 Feb 2009 – 9 Feb 2018)
WATCH TIME (MINUTES) = 38,506,204 – This would take one person over 70 years !
VIEWS = 4,756,710