This site is about three things according to Banton :

Music – An immense love of reggae music. 30 years around reggae.
Design – A passion for art and design, from attraction to useful.
Life – In some ways, life is great, but it could be better, from the roots.

So if you enjoy any aspects of his own trilogy of interests, hang around and check out what’s here. All we ask is that you share, because sharing is caring.

The music section is ever growing nowadays, from Banton Radio which broadcasts live every day, to Banton’s Youtube Channel which has broadcast almost the equivalent of 100 years of music now…

The design section stems from Banton childhood and parental influence, through school and beyond, even flexing through the reggae world in varying ways including all the artwork you see on this site. 2 and 3 dimensional., creative and provocative.

The life section has remained quiet to a degree but in time, this will grow too. Inspired by the core values of reggae music and the life experiences growing up around good and bad things going on in the world. Asking questions, finding answers, thinking about important issues over trivial matters and how that all combined can help a beautiful world in an array of darkness.

One things for sure, this place was built from the heart, without bias for or against anyone or anything. #NoPartiality