Music Policy

Our music policy here at Banton Radio.

Following a meeting just over a week ago, we talked about what our music policy is. What kind of music we play, what we allow content wise, subject matter and so on. Below I will list the questions and answers so that you can understand how we deal with the matter.

Do you only play reggae music ?

No. We are heavily reggae music based but we love all music. Myself, I am partial to a little rock, some RnB, HipHop and even a bit of folk music. The likes of Passenger singing ‘Beautiful Birds’ is a genuine goosebump moment. I have been known to share the odd Guns and Roses. I recognise very few people are limited to one genre of music while many of us, will listen to any. So if you hear an Elvis, Englebert or Eminem, don’t be shocked.

What about x-rated music ?

This comes down to time based logistics really and protecting the audience. Back in the day when I was a DJ on the great DubFM 107.2, I had the 6 hour saturday night slot, from 9pm – 3am and followed the same program every week. From 9pm I would always ‘bless the house’ and run in with some rubadub, classic dancehall and feature some lovers rock too. However at the stroke of midnight, things would go very explicit. Shabba, Mr Donkey Cod, Lady Saw and a lot more would play and it was heavily enjoyed by the audience. However DubFM was a localised pirate radio station so the time zone water shed was relevant. It was also known that DubFM was an adult station at respectful late hour times and explicit music was not allowed during the early hours of the day.

But now things are totally different with an internet radio station. We are global so it is always pre-water shed somewhere on the planet and we try to take that very seriously for one simple reason, the children.  We will ONLY allow to play “clean” versions of any adult content. These songs will have been reworded or edited. However, we are 100% ok with our DJs playing whatever they want, at a localised venue. We believe there is a time and place and an audience should be knowingly informed of what they may hear. On a final note, we believe x-rated music, in it’s raw form, cannot be contextualized into a show, live on air.

What about violent music ?

Our discussion in regards to this, demonstrated two very opposing sides to violence in music. Defence and attack. We will never support the glorification of violence but we will always support the fact that it exists. Just two lines from a world famous Bounty Killer song show how we can explain it all.


In itself, that is a completely stupid thing to promote. However, it is contextualized in the second line :


This makes the song nothing more than a common musical warning, not an advocate of needlessly shooting people. You’d be surprised how many people only consume the first line. I for one, feel very safe around Rodney’s ”gun” because I have no bad intentions for him, regardless of his lyrical genius. There are thousands of songs out there, not only in reggae music, that are exactly like this principal.

However, blindly violent music music is not tolerated by the reggae industry in general and we don’t support it either. Yes, some do get through but we don’t support them.

Importantly, we 100% support dancehall clashing. Dancehall clashing is the one arena that is about lyrical talent and war zones. We consider it to be for entertainment purposes only.

What about racist music ?

No, like the industry and as many artists we can think of “we bun racism” – Elelphant Man. We are 100% against the persecution of a person for the colour of their skin. We don’t allow music containing the word “N*GGER” or other derogatory terms, unless it is debating its use or against it.

What about homophobic music ?

We at Banton Radio will never support violence against gay people. We do not promote anti-gay music.

Summary :

We are fully aware of the history of reggae music and who knows, you may even hear debates about it on our station. We love reggae music and music in general so are very happy to concern ourselves with the lyrical content, the talents and of course, the musicians too.

Our presenters are fully aware of this music policy and will always adhere to it when presenting live on Banton Radio.

This document was written by Banton himself, posted on and effective from 03/02/2018 and may be updated at any time.