Banton Radio – What’s next ?

!!! PRESENTERS WANTED !!! – Read on ! If you have been in touch with changes here at Banton.Org, you’ll have seen there was a short lived exciting piece of news to come which turned out to be Banton Radio. Following one meeting and then another, it has been decided in the interim what is happening here. For the next few weeks, we will be running 247 reggae music via autopilot, which currently consists of…

"Banton Radio – What’s next ?"

Banton Radio LAUNCHED !

After more than 25 years in the business, a meeting happened little over 24 hours ago and it was decided that Banton Radio should be launched. So a bit of this and that later and just moments ago, the station was turned on successfully. You can find the station playing on every page on but the official radio page is at which currently has a live chat room which we are currently building. All I…

"Banton Radio LAUNCHED !"

Exciting news to come

After a wonderful meeting tonight, I can announce there are to be some works in the pipeline that I will announce when finalised soon. All I can say at this point is watch this space.. oh and see the text at the top of the site ! Blessings to one and all !

"Exciting news to come"