Reggae Cars 08/20

From the Mazda Concept garage. While some may want the big fat bimma with the red interior, others will certainly opt for this, especially in this colour scheme. I know I would certainly give it a whizz ! you ? Next

"Reggae Cars 08/20"

Reggae 14/20

A classic look, a well bred car, loved by many, disliked only in the snow. The BMW, not sure if it stands for Black Mans Wheels or Banton Mans Wheels, either way, in regae it looks absolutely gorgeous. Next

"Reggae 14/20"

Reggae 15/20

Believe it or not, my father owned one of these very cars hence why I realised to give it a reggae touch and lets be honest, how nice does that look ? The Triumph TR4A-Reggae Next

"Reggae 15/20"