VW Reggae Beetle, a tribute to two eras

Now I’m not a huge fan of the VW Beetle but I know a lot of people are very nostalgic and have a lot of love for the original car, while the more modern drivers, at least some of them, have a certain love for the newer version. Old and new they were never the greatest cars and while the newer version certainly had more up-to-date technology, it carried the base shape of the old…

"VW Reggae Beetle, a tribute to two eras"

Reggae Cars 01/20

Welcome to my reggaefied car collection of cars that I have chosen to change the colour schemes of and some even modify a little. Take a look through the set of 20 here and who knows, maybe there’s one you like or love or it inspires you to do something to your own car. In case you haven’t see my own, here it is : Onto the rest of the cars I have done, click…

"Reggae Cars 01/20"

Reggae Cars 02/20

Again, however this time out on the airport tarmac, the Bugatti Chiron certainly doesn’t look out of place, up there with the most powerful cars in the world, with a full heritage pedigree, definitely a beast of beasts. Next

"Reggae Cars 02/20"

Reggae Cars 04/20

Written as a Ford Focus Concept, I just had to take it three steps further and present it on the block outside the ford factory, with modified wheels and arches and of course, the reggae team colours. Amazing eh ? Next

"Reggae Cars 04/20"

Reggae Cars 06/20

I actually saw a monster 350z stanced today and it looked great! Those who know me personally, know I also owned a Renault Espace 2003 3.5 V6 which has the same engine as the 350z except without the turbo. Although being a big heavy 7 seat people carrier, it was a very quick thing ! These 350z are very nice cars, so it had to be reggae’d up. Like it ? Next

"Reggae Cars 06/20"

Reggae Cars 08/20

From the Mazda Concept garage. While some may want the big fat bimma with the red interior, others will certainly opt for this, especially in this colour scheme. I know I would certainly give it a whizz ! you ? Next

"Reggae Cars 08/20"