Presenters wanted !

Banton Radio is looking for experienced radio presenters to join a growing team in a globally growing radio station. Although Banton Radio is a reggae based station, we also play many other kinds of music although the core of Banton Radio has a conscious authenticity from the roots. We pledge to build our radio station on a solid concrete basis and are looking for like minded presenters to be a part of such a blessed…

"Presenters wanted !"

Lyme Kaye – Wine Bar & Grill

It is a pleasure to announce that Banton Radio has teamed up with a brand new restaurant in the Wolverhampton region of the West Midlands in the UK. Lyme Kaye opened their doors for the first time yesterday pre-empting an official launch that is coming soon and we were there to sample the delights and provide the music for the first night…. and all I can say is wow. Sure, we provided great music, but…

"Lyme Kaye – Wine Bar & Grill"


Here’s the countdown timer to Buju Banton’s official release date as set out on the official¬†Federal Bureau of Prisons Web Site Details given on the BOP website : 1 Name: MARK ANTHONY MYRIE Register Number: 86700-004 Age: 44 Race: Black Sex: Male Release Date: 12/08/2018 Located At CI McRae As many of you know, Mark Anthony Myrie aka Buju Banton and part namesake of Banton Radio was setup in a drug sting and sentenced to…


Over 70 years of listening !

Although a 10th of the traditional Youtube Celebratory Milestone, we are completely humbled that Banton Radio has surpassed the 10,000 Subscribers level on Youtube. Thank you to everyone out there who enjoys and shares the wonder that is reggae music ! Keep doing what you do. I have always been amazed at how much my mixes have spread around the world and being humble old me and the music I love with all my heart,…

"Over 70 years of listening !"

Server status !

The image accompanying this status shows if we are off air for updates or if all is running good. Updates can take moments or upto 48 hours. If we are off air, please bare with us while we update, fix or relocate our servers. We will try to make this as seamless as possible.

"Server status !"

Banton Radio Clothing

As has been planned from early out, we will be adding merchandise for our staff and eventually out listeners will be able to purchase the brands too. All our merchandise will be designed by banton and manufactured with quality and cost in mind not to mention the ability to ship worldwide. Take a look at our first sneak previews : And this is just the start. A very close friend is making two one off…

"Banton Radio Clothing"

Latest BR News.

First Banton Radio advert released ! Banton Radio – Tune in now 247BANTON Posted by Banton Radio on Monday, April 10, 2017 The first of the Banton Radio promo videos has been released featuring major Mackerel himself voicing over 4 historic anthem riddims. Letting us know his addiction to sweet music leaves him incapable of sleeping. Please give it a share and look out for more to come ! Secondly, the all new…

"Latest BR News."

Banton Radio – What’s next ?

!!! PRESENTERS WANTED !!! – Read on ! If you have been in touch with changes here at Banton.Org, you’ll have seen there was a short lived exciting piece of news to come which turned out to be Banton Radio. Following one meeting and then another, it has been decided in the interim what is happening here. For the next few weeks, we will be running 247 reggae music via autopilot, which currently consists of…

"Banton Radio – What’s next ?"