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First Banton Radio advert released !

Banton Radio –

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Posted by Banton Radio on Monday, April 10, 2017

The first of the Banton Radio promo videos has been released featuring major Mackerel himself voicing over 4 historic anthem riddims. Letting us know his addiction to sweet music leaves him incapable of sleeping. Please give it a share and look out for more to come !

Secondly, the all new Banton Radio logo !

So nice, we’re really happy about our fresh new logo.

Third and finally, even bigger news !

Following a conference with¬†the team, we have come up with a real time launch date for Banton Radio. We have all agreed seeing as the time is right while we still have lots to do behind the scenes, that we will have our official launch on Banton’s birthday, 30th May. Make sure you’re locked on, it’s gonna be great !