VW Reggae Beetle, a tribute to two eras

Now I’m not a huge fan of the VW Beetle but I know a lot of people are very nostalgic and have a lot of love for the original car, while the more modern drivers, at least some of them, have a certain love for the newer version. Old and new they were never the greatest cars and while the newer version certainly had more up-to-date technology, it carried the base shape of the old one, which let’s face it, suffered from a terribly lacking engine, key with the era it came from.

Worldwide the Beetle has a massive fan base and there is no end to people finding old unfixable beyond repair Beetles and still manage to do the unthinkable, in bringing them back to showroom condition. Many were converted to beach buggies ! Knowing some owners, I was keen to see how they felt of the new version but they really didn’t sing it’s praises.

And now, VW have decided to end the Beetle production for the second time stating it won’t be coming back. Sure, that could change in the future but that is their current stance.

In the time it takes to be born and reach retirement, over 21 million of the original Beetles, known as “the people’s car” have been produced. With that said, I don’t have the exact figures but a bit of research shows that less than 1 million new Beetles sold in 20 years from 1997.

Some say the Beetle was designed by Hitler, others say he called for it’s design. All I know is if you squash it down a bit, it looks a lot like a Porsche. And now…..

Memminger, a German tuning company has done this : (Oh and I went all reggae on it)

The Volkswagen Beetle – Reggae.

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