2024 – a new start, that will be better.

A lot has happened in recent years.

A lot of changes, some for the worse, others for the better and some, just because they had to change. Sadly my health, mentally and physically went down hill but after a long time, some of that is being looked after as best it can be. Myself and the wife broke up. It was messy but neither of us are really to blame in the grand scheme of all things.

I ended up homeless and that took a long time to change and then get me to a place of independent, to some degree. Mom passed away, leaving a huge hole in our lives but all of this brought some of my family including me, back together, closer than we have been for some years, decades even, due to me living in another part of the county.

I am now settled in my own place for over two years and slowly trying to build myself again, keep busy, make new friends and avoid making the same mistakes again.

I have started painting, even taken up 3D printing which I guess may have been inevitable and now ? mixing the two. Being artistic with 3D printing and getting some great results.

Sadly, even though I love reggae music and that will never change, I have gone beyond completely retiring from promoting it, to taking down all my youtube mixes and disconnecting with the industry entirely. My heart remains and my respect for said people stays strong. To those who actually have their shoulder to the wheel, you have my utmost admiration in the struggle. My love for the world of reggae music will always be remembered as real by those who knew me most. Life is priceless.

So on with the site rebuild and purpose. It will be done over time, adding content here and there. Showing what I am upto and there will be the ability to even purchase some of my work. I don’t care about the money so it will be reinvested into helping me grow and helping others too. I’m a lot like Mr Beast. I just don’t care about exotic and money deep riches. I care about making the world a better place.

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