3d Printed Speaker Boxes

Being around reggae music, working in the shop and on the sound system, not to mention car audio, there is every chance you might get to build your own speaker boxes, cabs or enclosures… and I have made a few here and there over the years.

And now onto a new level of trial, 3D printed “Qubes”. This is one of the two bass Qubes, made in 18mm MDF and having specced the internal as a perfect cube at the right displacement volume. I do not want them to be loud or heavy, even though they are and throw very far, however they will last forever. This is the base design for “Qubes”.

Probably the most traditional logics in the design, balanced, tight, smooth. These boxes resemble every box I have ever built, when it comes to the enclosure, the box of air, inside the box. Although I grant you, this is more of a aesthetic than a sound enhancement, given these boxes won’t play any bass and seeing as they are for comfortable use, they won’t require any deadening beyond the sealant I will be using to put it together.

As a side note, the double cab version of the bass Qube is horrendously good. When you combine these subs, they seem to assist each other. You just make the same box but twice the width (in displacement terms) and have NO dividing wall in the box. The oblong Qube is a more than hefty solution in a car audio setting.

At this time, I have finished the design and have started printing side 1 of 12, for two Qubes. I will update when more is done.

Do you think they will play ok ?

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