Reggae Land – The AMAZING uk stage show that forgot the poor.

To BOB CLARK !!!! it’s gonna be an amazing show, of that there is no doubt.

Headline acts including the UK veteran General levy to gods own messenger, Sweep over my soul Luciano. SHABBA !!!! The ladies very own Gyptian, Sanchez and Wayne Wonder, the bigger heads Burning Spear, beautiful Queen Ifrica, absolutely artical I Wayne, not to mention Dawn Penn and King Yellowman. And that’s just on the saturday lineup.

I remember maybe 30 years ago going into Jetstar Records here in Wolverhampton and talking more than once with Trevor Ranks and others, even local authority about how our country could easily sustain and needs a show like this. Probably for my own selfish love of reggae and artists reasons but you know, I knew it should happen.

But why am I disappointed ? Just one reason. The pricing structure is just utterly wrong. The promotors have groups ticket releases into 5 batches and they go from £40 to £60 for exactly the same thing. If you are flush with cash, you save money. If you can’t buy in the early rounds, you are financially punished.

Dear promotors. Reggae music has one core value. Your pricing structure does not respect that. Your line up is amazing. it can only get better. You don’t need to tease people to get the early bird prices and you will sell ALL the tickets. This is fact. Your booking fee needs help too. One flat non-profit rate. I understand you may have to work on reducing that but you can.

Stop making it harder for the poorer people. Some of us will be struggling all year to do this.

The event promises to be a rerun of previous and an amazing one again. Let’s hope the core value of reggae shines through every possible nook and cranny.